Permaculture Futures: A 3 part series

Tuesdays 7-8:30pm – @ the Ann Arbor District Library

September 11th – Intro to the core @ Westgate branch: West Side room

This interactive session introduces Permaculture teachings. What are our core needs and how do we design ways to care for them?

September 25th– Taking it to the edge @ Downtown branch: Multi-Purpose room

This workshop explores the edges of Permaculture. How can this ecological design system help us in these rapidly changing times?

October 9th – Our next best steps – Pittsfield branch: Program room

How can Permaculture inspire us to take action in the face of such uncertain futures? Applying core teachings & edge explorations for our next best steps.



Walkabout Permaculture Design

20th May , 2018 – Sunday 10-4pm @ Ann Arbor Michigan USA

This workshop is for all the people on the move –

Nomads, between places, travelers, those lost, at cross-roads, looking, refusing, and/or displaced – those on Walkabout. Permaculture the is conscious design, redesign and practice of ecological living for all aspects of life.

To live well in our rapidly changing & unknowable world requires sharp refocusing of Permaculture taking into account emerging worldviews, paradigms, opportunities and threats. Join us in urgent exciting explorations into food, health, self-care, technology, housing, transport, conservation, ecopsychology, Social Permaculture, decolonization, wilding, survival, regenerative practices, ancient and new.

Be ready…

Foraging, gardening, gleaning  for survival & joy

November 3rd – Saturday 10:25am – Great Lakes Bioneers Conference


Sustainability Elders

December 2nd – Sunday 2-5pm – Westgate Branch of the Ann Arbor District Library

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