o Brief: In these often deeply challenging times it has almost become radical to live life centered around principles and practices of care; cares for health of self, community and planet. The lists of harms being done to, and experienced by, people, communities, other species & ecosystems grows and grows. This interactive workshop will identify and build participants’ own self-care and land-care practices as we explore the vitally important work of co-healing people and planet.

o Hands on: Yatra: Meditation Walk & Reflection, Zones of Care Activity, Care Mind Mapping – More or less depending on length of course

o Take home material: Course notes, ‘15 things you can do’ handout, resource lists   & Care Map

o Length: 1-4 hours/1 day/weekend/1-week

Some themes & subjects:

  • Land Stewarding Guide: owner, renter, nomad
  • Nourishing Edges: The joys of gardening, foraging & gleaning
  • Eco-psychology: Sustaining Sustainability
  • By Design: Soil, Self & Spirit-Care