o Brief: Permaculture guides us to design sustainable lives; its inspiration, guidelines, practices, aesthetics and hope for the future. It’s also now 40 years since its inception. This workshop asks what has changed over this time? What works? What doesn’t? What can we bring into Permaculture from other developing areas of life? In what edges of experience and skills can we find the most potent potential solutions for designing our life support systems?

While we provide more tools for the task, we’ll design our next best steps to bring the practices of a “Permaculture way of life” from the edges into the main stream….

o Hands on: Gardens, composting, seed-collecting, personal projects, group design time – More or less of these projects and others depending on length and focus

o Take home material: Handouts, resources, USB’s, Action steps

o Length: 1-4 hours/weekend/1-week

Some themes & subjects:

Permaculture Futures: A designer’s tool box

Radical Redesign

Ascetics of Permaculture

Ethics for Permaculture & regenerative life

Eco-psychology: From theory to practice

Garden Juju Explorations