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Walkabout Permaculture Design

Sepember 29 & 30  2018 – Saturday & Sunday 

@ Riverside Art Center

Permaculture Futures: A 3 part series

Sepember 11, 25 & October 9th  2018 – Tuesday  7-8:30pm 

@ Ann Arbor District Library

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Our workshops are based upon our experiences of many years of practical projects, teaching & facilitation, community engagement and professional discussions and research. They draw together gardening, horticulture, conservation, sustainability and regenerative practices, environmental education, Permaculture design and implementation, social ecology, ecopsychology & Indigenous land management.

Each workshop focuses on a particular theme, approach, challenge or opportunity & can be delivered in a range of possible formats from interactive lecture, to workshops of varying lengths, to retreats. They combine practical insights & skills, inspirational ideas, authors, guests, texts and/or films, practical exercises, field trips, embodied immersion, active education and reflective practice.

We believe that skills, practices, ideas and values are inextricably enfolded – & any effective workshop explores both practices and our ideas about these. Fully aware of the difficult times we live in, we teach to encourage, equip, inspire and for enjoyment.

For more details click on the course links below

Healing Self, Healing Land’

‘Sustainability Elders’

‘Eco-psychology – Making Sense of Place’

‘Taking Permaculture to the Edge’

‘Adapt’ Play & Create

‘The Fermentable Harvest’

‘Aesthetically Edible’

‘Yoga, Meet Permaculture’

‘Yoga – Rejuvenating with Nature’

Kids Play-shops: Garden Cycles, Wild Food, Nurturing Nature, Care Challenges, Designer’s Tool Box